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We are sorry to inform you that there are no positions currently available.

Summary of Job

The Web Operations Developer role exists to develop marketing platforms like blogs, micro-sites, landing pages and other off-domain efforts with the use of server side code like PHP and front end frameworks like Bootstrap. Additionally, the Web Operations Developer supervises the administration and publication efforts of these web pages and ensures proper process is followed in order to align with other stakeholder goals including SEO, Brand, Content, Market Research and Design.

Key Role and Responsibilities:

  • The enhancement/development of marketing platforms.
  • Communicate and ensure alignment with other teams throughout the business.
  • Work with UX Analyst to development robust, responsive UI prototypes and models.
  • Define and drive development strategy
  • Supervise publishing and formatting of content on blogs and other platforms.

Education and Experience:

  • Solid understanding of WordPress theme development using PHP and JS along with HTML and CSS.
  • Attention to detail when writing code.
  • A passion for marketing and online content.
  • A good understanding of brand management, digital marketing and marketing strategy

Paid per contract.


What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Work @ Home
  • Travel expenses

Flexible Working Hours

You are required to fill your 40hour week with a flexible start and ending time base.

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