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Facebook Hacked – No Support?

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Facebook Account Hacked

No Support

It is incredible that one of the largest Social networks, Facebook has approx 2.89 billion users, has a non-existent human support structure that relies on autonomous web solutions to assist users in need. 

It may not concern most users unless they run into problems such as their site is hijacked or hacked, where the hacker has managed to alter the email and phone numbers. Worse enabling or changing the two-step verification security designed to keep your account safe now poses a massive problem for legitimate Facebook users from repossessing their accounts. 

The system which Facebook has added to their customer support is useless and does not work. The worse fustration is to get support from Facebook Community where you need to be logged in to your account. This makes absolutely no sense and is counterproductive to assist anyone in need.

Examing the data from the past year, and among thousands if not millions of users are struggling to recover their Facebook & Instagram accounts. 

I joined the ranks of these highjacked users that have lost their Facebook site to a Chinese hacker who is submitting date site adverts with my business account and the biggest frustation is that Facebook is not interested and gives you no opertunity to report this. I feel that Facebook has completely abandoned user support the past year as here are the reasons:

  1. Chat function removed for business support.
  2. The impersonation form has been malfunctioning since December 2020 saying “There was an error..”
  3. Recovering an account using “Trusted Friends” does not work. No recovery links are sent even after completing the steps given by Facebook.
  4. Recovery links sent to users who have uploaded their ID for verification are not working, telling hacked Facebook users that the link is invalid.
  5. Messages sent from Facebook to users with hacked Facebook accounts say that the issue has been resolved when it’s not, while hackers are allowed access. Favoriting the hacker instead of the original Facebook user.
  6. Facebook has used the pandemic to turn away user requests stating: “Due to the pandemic, we are understaffed. We can only prioritize the most severe cases.” These messages are sent when a person’s Facebook profile has been hacked and the original user has uploaded their ID to verify their identity. Some of these profiles are being used to post illegal content or scam and blackmail their Facebook friends.
  7. Many of the support forms on Facebook state, “We will get back to you soon.” But those never lead to any response from Facebook.
  8. Some clients have not received a “Your password has been changed” or “Your email has been changed” alert email from Facebook. These users often have an AOL or Yahoo email account.
  9. When an email is changed on Facebook, and the original email is removed, there is no way for the hacked user to revert the changes.
  10. Hackers can easily change the phone number registered on a Facebook profile without the need to verify the change with the original email or phone number.
  11. The primary email can be changed without verifying the change with the registered phone number or the original email.
  12. Facebooks friend’s recovery option does not work in 9.9 out of 10 cases.
  13. A hacker with an IP from Asia or Africa can take over Facebook profiles where the original users are located in the US without raising a single red flag on Facebook.
  14. Facebook has removed or significantly reduced ways of recovering a hacked Facebook profile. One feature that has been removed for most of our clients in the past months is the option to update their email by sending a valid ID to Facebook.

Instagram is no better, but that’s not a surprise since it is owned by Facebook

Instagram states that if you are hacked, you need to click on “Need More Help” under the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen. However, 9 out of 10 clients do not see any possible way of recovering a hacked account. They are instead redirected to Instagram’s unhelpful FAQ.

When an Instagram account is hacked, the user does receive multiple email alerts with links to secure or redo changes. Nevertheless, if the hacker is quick enough and verifies their email and a new phone number, including changing the username, these links become invalid. So that means that the user who has been hacked must click these security links by Instagram within seconds after receiving them. That is impossible for most people.

Facebook hacked

There are no forms to report a hacked account on Instagram. There is no way of getting in touch with Instagram to recover a hacked account.

What does this mean?

If you have a Facebook account or an Instagram account, you must secure your account and ensure hackers cannot steal it. Their support features are non-existing. Hacked profiles are used to:

  1. Post inappropriate content under your name
  2. Scam your friends
  3. Blackmail you
  4. Hack new accounts

You stand a chance to lose years of memories and messages. While that doesn’t mean a thing to Facebook or Instagram, you should be concerned and raise questions regarding your safety on these platforms.

6 January 2022 and still no respose from Facebook or Mega? Bad Customer Service!

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